Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Utah Trip - Part 4 - Anderson Family Reunion!

On July 25, the Anderson family gathered together for our third annual family reunion. The first half of the day was spent at Sue's family cabin up Lamb's canyon. We all love it here! It is rustic and oh so beautiful! We met around 10:00 am and stayed until around 3 pm. We went on hikes, swung on the swing, had lunch, hiked around the lake, talked and played games.
Here is Megan, Rachel and Chiara sitting in the porch swing...the best seat in the house!
Daniel and Megan hiking together.
Ken and Hannah walking around the lake.
Brian and Hannah with the others in the background, enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery.
Adorable Hannah! Could you get any cuter than this?!!
After the cabin, we all met at Ken and Cheri's for dinner, games and fireworks. They had it very well planned, and everyone had a great time together.
Grandma, Grandpa, Natalie and Ramona enjoying dinner.
After dinner, we had some fun games, including this one...the marshmellow shooters. We had to blow the marshmellow to our fellow teammate and try and make it into the small cup. It was pretty funny!
Natalie and Michael trying to catch marshmellows.
Devin and Megan waiting their turn.
Rachel and Hannah giving it a try.
Now for the adults! This is when it got really funny! Tammy and Ramona getting serious!
Paul and Cody trying to catch their marshmellows. It was harder than it looked!
Brian showing me where to aim!
Dad and Brian waiting for the ammo....
Blow, blow, blow.....
Catch, Sue, Catch!!!
Mom was quite the good marshmellow blower!
Devin looking cool as always!
Cheri thinking about the many reasons she decided to plan this game in the first place!
Ken looks like he is about to take a serious aim at Cheri!
After the fun and games, we all went to the front yard to enjoy fireworks together. It started out with sparklers for the kids, and then got bigger as the night progressed. It was quite a good show!
Devin joined the girls in tag, and grabbed Rachel over the shoulder and did a spin with her, much to her delight!
Here is some of the last fireworks done before ending the night. It looked better in real life....I'm not quite sure how to capture fireworks on camera yet! All in all, this was a very fun reunion, thanks mostly to Ken and Cheri! They planned a lot of great events for us all to enjoy. Mostly it was just wonderful being together, bonding, laughing and playing together. We love being with family and strengthening the ties that bind us all together!

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