Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Daniel!!!

We celebrated Daniel's 8th birthday in Utah with lots of family. Monday, July 20th started with balloons in his bedroom at Grandma Farley's home. We had a yummy breakfast and then opened presents. I thought all the Bakugan's and the new yoyo would be his favorites....
No....his new radio/alarm clock was the most exciting present he received! He got more excited over that than anything else! Go figure!
He also loved his new tie! I'm glad that he is so easy to please!:)
That evening, we headed over to Doug and Becky's for dinner. Bob and Kimi and Grandma and Grandpa Farley were also there. Becky and her son Caleb made Daniel's birthday cake.
Blowing out all eight candles!
Later that week, we went to the Farley cabin for the Anderson Family Reunion. Part of the reunion was to celebrate Daniel's birthday! Yea!!! More presents!
Aunt Cheri's cupcakes! The best!!!

I can't believe that Daniel is 8! It was so fun to celebrate his birthday with family. There are so many wonderful things about Daniel, I could make a huge list! But here are my favorite eight:

1. Daniel is one funny kid! He has a great sense of humor and loves to make people laugh! He loves to be a goofball, and he is an optimist! He keeps us all laughing!

2. Daniel has the kindest heart! He is always concerned about anyone who is sad, and will do whatever he can to help make them feel better.

3. He is a hard worker and will always pitch in when it is time to work.

4. He is not afraid to bear his testimony. He has gone up in church quite a few times now, and has done it all on his own. It is quite touching to hear his sweet, sincere testimony!

5. He has the most gorgeous eyes of anyone!!!!!!!

6. He loves to read the scriptures, and is becoming quite the scriptorian! He knows how to look up things and is starting to mark his favorite verses.

7. He has an amazing memory! He remembers everything...down to the littlest detail! (He remembered the exact date of his dentist appointment six months ago!!!)

8. He is a very grateful person. He had 72 people come to his baptism in Salt Lake (mostly family), and he thanked them all for coming to his baptism. He always thanks me for "this wonderful and delicious meal," everytime he sits down at the table.
Daniel is a joy to be with most of the time! :)I am so lucky to be his mother! I love you Daniel!!!!! Thanks for bringing so much joy to my life!

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Kristie said...

I can't believe he is 8 already! I still picture him as the little 5 year old in Eric's primary class when we first moved into the ward! Crazy! Happy Birthday Daniel and congratulations on your baptism!