Sunday, February 21, 2010

Braggin' on Daniel

I haven't blogged for awhile, and I thought I should update since the kids have had so much going on in their lives! Daniel has just completed a six week basketball program through the local high school. He is a great player and loved learning more. Here are some great shots of him.

Daniel is also progressing in Cub Scouts. He is doing great! Here are some pictures of some of his scouting activities.

Here is the first time he did the flag ceremony. He carried the flag in for the pack meeting and posted it.
This is just a cute picture of my very handsome cub scout! :)

Here is another pack meeting where the boys were each given their indian name. Daniel's name is "Bright Arrow."

Here are the cubs sitting around the "fire" listening to Cub Master Moon. The Moon's do such a great job!!!
Bright Arrow! is our first Pinewood Derby!!! January 30, 2010. This was very exciting! Daniel and Brian worked real hard on his car and he was very proud of it!

His car was #21 and was decorated with snakes and lightnening bolts.

Here is his first race. Daniel's car is on the right side of this picture. Cub Master Moon was the official race starter.

This picture is kind of blurry, but see the car on the right in the lead?..... That is Daniel's car!!!! He won every race in the Wolf Den except one! He had a great car that was very fast!

Here he is after all the races....very proud!

This is his certificate for participating in the Pinewood Derby. This was a great event and fun for all who were there!

Daniel got the Math Facts mastery award at the last awards ceremony at school. This is given to students in third grade who got 100% on a three minute timed test with 100 times tables problems. Great job!!!
Here is Daniel with his Principal's Honor Roll Award!!!!! He got a 4.0 this quarter!!! Congratulations Daniel!!! We are so proud of you!