Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 Wrap-up (Part 3) All About Daniel

Here is the final post for this series.  This is a selection of pictures of Daniel and all he has accomplished during this year.  He has been involved in many activities.  Here goes...

 Daniel injured his finger one day on his way to basketball practice.  He fell on was pretty gross!  He ended up in the emergency room.  They x-rayed it and cleaned it up.  He was in quite a bit of pain.
 Daniel playing basketball...he was a great player!
 Daniel played baseball for the first time ever!  He did a great job and had a lot of fun!  He ended up being one of the pitchers and did great!

 Daniel worked really hard in his 5th grade year and ended up with his Block M award at the end of the year.
 First day of school...6th grade!  Big man on campus!!!
 Daniel received his Arrow of Light award in Cub Scouts.  He has worked really hard to get this!
 He is now a Scout!
 Halloween...Daniel was a Jedi Master...

In school this year, Daniel is in band playing the saxophone.  This is his Christmas concert.

Daniel is also in Choir and this is at the Christmas concert.

This year has been great for Daniel.  Along with all these events, he also went to Sierra Outdoor School with the 6th grade for three days, plays the piano, played football and passed his mom in height...he is now 5'0".  It's been a great year!

2012 Wrap-up (Part 2) All About Rachel

This post is all about Rachel and her activities during 2012.  She had a very busy year, full of accomplishments and learning.  Here goes...

 In January, Rachel was chosen to be in the Clovis Unified Honor's Choir.  It was an amazing experience!

 Rachel got really close to Sister Clark, and here she is saying goodbye to her.  The cool thing is that we got to visit her when we went to Utah in the summer!
 February 22...Rachel turned 13!!!  We have a teenager in the house!

 Rachel loves to experiment with her hair...her she is with a bow on her head!
 In April, she was involved with the Stake Youth musical, Keepers of the Light.  It was a great experience!

 At school, Rachel plays in the orchestra.  This was one of her concerts.

 She is also singing in the Concert Choir.  Here is one of her concerts at school.

 Just bein' cute!
 Wrapping Daisy up in her new blanket.
 First day of school...8th grade!
 Halloween...scary prisoner!

 8th grade orchestra concert at Clovis North Performing Arts Center

 Gorgeous Rachel...Gorgeous hair!!!

 Christmas orchestra concert
 Mr. Elmore dressed as Santa...He is the director of the orchestra.  It was a great concert!
 At Christmas, Reyburn paired up with Clovis East High School for their Christmas concert at Clovis North performing arts center.  The choirs were outstanding, and the music was so beautiful!  The beginning songs had the choirs wrapped all around the auditorium.

All in all, Rachel has had a great year.  A few things that were not mentioned in this post are:  Girls Camp, BBY in July, obsessions with Justin Beiber and the Twilight series, going to the premier of Breaking Dawn part 2 and enjoying being a teenager!