Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 Wrap-up (Part 1)

I am going to play catch-up here to document our year.  I am going to have three different for the family, one for Rachel and one for Daniel.  I will start with Daniel.  I really want to use this blog for recording our family events.  I just got out of the habit.  I am going to try and do better this next year!  These three will probably be long and full of pictures!  Here goes....
Beautiful sunset!
 Adorable Daisy in her favorite place!

 Here we are saying goodbye to our favorite sister missionary...Sister Clark!
 Getting a new roof...

 Our beautiful new roof!
 Daniel at the beach...Spring Break at Pismo!
 Spring Break!  Rachel and Daniel at Pismo Beach
 Spring Break!  Brian and Daniel
 Spring Break...Rachel and Daniel enjoying a yummy frozen yogurt.
 Spring Break...seals on the beach
 Spring Break...beautiful ocean!
 Spring Break...beautiful ocean and family
 Spring Break...chill'axin!!!
 Easter egg hunt!
 Easter egg hunt!
 This family of Canadian geese were wandering in our neighborhood.  It was amazing!  Rachel herded them to the canal, safely away from traffic!
Father's Day
 Father's Day
Cute kids!
 Four wheeling at Jim and Adair Christensen's.  They were so kind to invite us to their home and teach us how to use these!  We had a blast!

 Anderson Family Reunion!
 Exploring City Creek in Downtown Salt Lake City

 Swimming with Doug and Becky and family

 Exploring at the lake with Tammy and family

 Visiting the Utah Olympic Park at Park City

 Our Christmas Eve breakfast tradition...Cinnamon roll christmas tree!  YUM!!!
 Opening Christmas pj's on Christmas eve

 Getting ready for Christmas morning...

 Merry Christmas!!!

This is a wrap!  Lots of pics and lots of fun throughout this year!  It's been a busy and fun year!

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