Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Adoption Day, Rachel!!!

I can't believe it was ten years ago today that I became a Mom! I will never forget seeing and holding Rachel for the first time and feeling the absolute joy that washed over me! That day is forever emblazoned on my memory as one of the most important days of my life.

Rachel, we hope you feel special today, on your day, as we remember, reminisce and look at pictures of you from that time! You were the most beautiful baby ever! We got attention wherever we went as people oowed and awed at you. You are still every bit as beautiful in every way, and we are so proud of the amazing girl you are!

Happy Adoption Day, sweet Rachel!!! We love you with all our hearts!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is a day that I will never take for granted! It is a day of many emotions for me, and at the end of the day, I find myself counting my blessings!
My first blessing I count is my dear angel mother. I was her ninth child born (out of ten), and I always grew up knowing that I was her favorite. (I still think that, even though I'm sure that my nine siblings think the same thing!) I can't say enough about her great example she has been and continues to be to me and so many others. She has unwavering faith in Jesus Christ, and is a very valiant woman. She is not afraid to share the gospel with anyone and everyone she meets at any time, whether she is shopping, traveling or exercising in the swimming pool. She is funny and warm and a very comfortable person to be with. I miss her so much and often wish we lived closer to "home" so I could bask in her love and friendship more often. I pray that I can be the woman she is.
My second blessing I count is my dear Mother-in-law. I have no doubt that she loves me and totally accepts me in our family. She is also very valiant and has an unwavering testimony of the Gospel. She raised her four children to be strong, hardworking, smart, loving, and totally dedicated to family and the gospel. I am the recipient of her dedication as a mother through my wonderful husband.

My third blessing that I count is my many childless years full of longing and heartache. You may wonder why I count this time in my life as a blessing. Well, during that time, I didn't see it as a blessing. It was too difficult. Every year on Mother's Day, I would cry many tears, often wanting this holiday to pass quickly. I prayed many prayers pleading for the great blessing of being a mother....wasn't that a righteous desire? I now see much growth in myself from that time of heartache. I also know how to help others who are feeling the same way. Isn't that exactly what trials are for? So we can learn how to succor others in their trials. I can finally say with certainty that this trial has been a blessing in my life. The longing and heartache will never go away, but I can now see the blessings associated with it.
My fourth blessings I count are my two beautiful children! I have two children that fill my heart with laughter, sunshine, curiosity, art, music, tears, work, giggling, tickling, stories, cuddling, hugging, kissing, cleaning up after, teaching and learning from. Rachel and Daniel are the joys of my life, and I will forever be grateful to my Heavenly Father for blessing me with the two best children in the world! I love being a mother and learning from these two children who are so valiant and strong and talented. I loved sitting in church today with my children and my husband sitting close and snuggling together. I love being a mom!!!!

My fifth blessing I count today are the two precious birth mothers who gave the greatest sacrifice that can be given. Stephanie and Jeniffer gave us Rachel and Daniel in the most unselfish gift that I have ever received! These two mothers will forever be in my prayers of gratitude. I can never repay this gift in this life! The best I can do is to never take for granted the gift they gave me. I am trying to enjoy every day with my children. They are my most precious gifts and I thank these two women for sharing their lives with me.

I truly have many blessings! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Best Part of May!!!

STRAWBERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY JAM!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more?


OK, so we chopped down three trees! What's the big deal? We are re-doing our backyard, and these trees HAD to go! They are Liquid Amber trees and they drop "pokies" all over the yard. Also, the roots are taking over the backyard and lifting up the patio. It was quite a scary process chopping down three very tall trees...(I was praying the whole time that no one would get hurt and there would be no damage to home or property. Thank goodness for our good friend and neighbor Russ for his expertise and help! Here are some pictures of the event.

Soon, even those lovely stumps will be gone!!! Then on to glorious grass!!!!!