Thursday, April 21, 2011

Zoo Fun!

So, I have been neglecting this lovely blog of mine. I was considering posting all the past pictures to get me caught up, but that seemed too overwhelming. So I decided to just move forward! We are on Spring Break, and we stayed at home this year. Today we went to the zoo! We haven't been to the Chaffee Zoo in years! The last zoo we went to was the San Diego Zoo two years ago. It was about time to hang with the animals!

Cute Rachel hanging with the Orangetan.

Daniel and Rachel taking a was a gorgeous day...perfect temperatures....around 72 degrees!

We all loved this kangaroo who seemed to be posing for the camera!

Here we are actually feeding the giraffes! We love those long-necked creatures!

Daniel seeing how he measures up...

Pretty tall Rachel!

This is mama orangetan holding her baby! She had twins about 1 1/2 months ago! She was so precious holding her baby and loving it!

I love this picture! Mama cuddling her baby.

Isn't this precious???

I love elephants!!! What a fun day! We totally enjoyed ourselves and took whatever time we wanted with each animal. We must go back again before the heat sets in!