Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Utah Trip - Part 3 - Daniel's Baptism!

This was the highlight of our trip....Daniel's baptism on July 24 - Pioneer Day! We asked Daniel if he wanted to be baptized in Fresno with all his friends and teachers, or in Utah with all his family. He thought about it quite seriously and decided that he wanted to be surrounded by his family for his baptism. And surrounded he was....there were 72 family members that attended!!!! What an awesome experience for us to feel such great support and love from our family!
Here is Daniel and Dad (Brian) right before his baptism.
Daniel looking excited and proud to be following Jesus' example.
Here we are...what proud parents! A little tidbit of information...Daniel was baptized in the same church/font that I (Sue) was!
Daniel and Mom (Sue). When I saw Daniel in his white baptism clothes, I got quite emotional. Eight years flashed before my eyes, and I couldn't believe how fast the time had flown!
Here is Uncle Steve (Sue's brother) conducting the baptism. He is the ward missionary in his ward, and was perfect for the job! Thanks Steve!
Aunt Kimi (Sue's sister-in-law) conducting the music. Thanks Kimi!!!
Uncle Bob (Sue's brother) playing the piano. No one plays the piano like Bob! He can turn a "normal" hymn into a work of art! Thanks Bob!!!
Here we are after Daniel's baptism singing a musical number, "I like to look for Rainbows." It was fun to sing as a family!
Daniel had asked both of his grandpas to give the prayers; Grandma Anderson gave a talk about baptism, and Grandma Farley gave a talk about the Holy Ghost. The entire program was just family. It was so awesome! Bishop Jardine, who is my parents bishop set the whole thing up and presided at the baptism. We are also very grateful to him for all he did for us!
Grandpa Farley hugging Daniel.
Daniel and Uncle Reed.
Uncle Ken and Aunt Cheri (Brian's brother and wife) enjoying cookies after the baptism.
More family enjoying each other after the baptism.
Daniel with Grandma and Grandpa Farley.
Here are lots of the family and friends who came to support us! I wasn't a fast enough picture taker to get a group picture of everyone before people started leaving, but it was amazing to count 72 people who came!
Daniel with Grandma and Grandpa Anderson.
Here is our family after this wonderful occasion in Daniel's life. We are all so proud of Daniel and this important step in his life. He is very aware of what he did on this day, and we know he will always remember how many people love him and support him! Congratulations Daniel!!! We love you so much!!!

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