Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Utah Trip - Part 1 - Pinedale Reservoir

We just returned from a fabulous vacation spent in Utah with all our family! We were there from July 18 - August 1. The first week was spent with my (Sue) family, and the second week was spent with Brian's family. On Tuesday, July 21, we spent the day with Sue's brother and family - Bob and Kimi Farley, Tanner, Christian, Madi, Collin and Andie. Bob brought his boat and two wave runners, and we had a fabulous day on the lake.
Here is Brian and Rachel heading out on the first wave run of the day. This was the first time Rachel had ever been on a wave runner. They had a great time until the engine died in the middle of the lake. They had to be towed by another boat back to shore. We were now down to one wave runner.
Here is Daniel and Andie being pulled by the boat. They had a great time!
Bob, Brian, Christian and Rachel looking for some excitement.... trying to see if they can get the stalled wave runner working again.
Lunch time!!! Everyone was hungry and made silly faces at me! The seagulls were out in force...they actually punched holes in our chip bags with their beaks!
The returning boat! Rachel loved riding in the boat, right in the very front.
Here is Daniel and Andie being pulled by the wave runner. Daniel said it was a bumpier ride than behind the boat!
Here is my handsome hubby relaxing on the shore! It was such a gorgeous day....not too hot, water just right, and company perfect!
Here is Brian on the knee board! I didn't know he could do this! He looked great and had a blast! Look at that form!
Here is Daniel being coached by Aunt Kimi on how to get on the knee board. He was pretty nervous and wasn't sure he wanted to do it. He is pretty brave, though, and he decided all on his own to give it a try.
What a pro!!!! Daniel got up on the knee board and did really well! He had a blast until he hit a wake and wiped out! He didn't like that part at all. We were so proud of him for his bravery! He told us (way later) that he would actually try it again! Go Daniel!
Rachel was our flag girl! Here she is at the front of the boat....her favorite spot!
Thanks Bob and Kimi for spending the day with us! We loved being with your family. It was the perfect day and one we will always remember!

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