Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Utah Trip - Part 2 - The McKnight's!!!

On Wednesday, July 22, we headed up to Heber City to visit Candee and Jason McKnight! They lived in Fresno 6 1/2 years ago and we were best friends. We would get together all the time to play games and hang out. I was so sad when they moved to Washington. Last year when they moved to Utah, I was so excited because I knew we would finally be able to connect again! When they lived here, they had four boys....now they have six! They have a big, beautiful home with the most gorgeous mountain scenery for their front and back yards!
Here we are...Sue and Candee....notice our outfits? The color scheme was not planned!!!:)
They have a bunch of chickens roaming around their property, and Daniel became the expert chicken catcher. He loved running around chasing chickens! I think he was born for country livin'.
They also have a gorgeous horse that they were given! They have enough room on their property for this horse to get plenty of exercise. Daniel loved riding it!
Rachel also loved being on the horse!
Looking good, Brian!
Here we all are, right before dinner....making silly faces! Let's see if I can name everyone...Jason, Candee, Brian, Tyler, Rachel, Logan, Chad and Braydon. At the small table was Rikker, Daniel and CJ. The dinner was fabulous! We had homemade lettuce wraps that would give PF Changs a run for their money! For dessert, we had oreo balls! If you don't know what those are....don't ask! They are highly addictive and incredibly yummy!!!

After dinner, we proceeded to break out the Ma-Jong game and play until almost midnight....for old times sake! It was a blast!
Thanks Jason and Candee for hosting us in your beautiful home! We loved reconnecting with your family! The years apart seemed to disappear! We love you guys and can't wait for our next visit! (We have a new game we want to play with you....Dutch Blitz!!!!) Until next time....
This was one of the big highlights of our trip!

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