Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Skiing in Clovis!

Sierra Summit came to our elementary school today, and Rachel got the chance to snowboard! She was excited, but a little nervous as well. She is in leadership at school, and that's how she got this opportunity. After getting fitted and given a board, they had a quick training session on the grass. Then they all lined up and waited their turn.

Here she is getting ready to ski down the hill. She was pretty nervous at this point, but we were all cheering her on. This hill felt like cold, wet, fake grass that was colored to look like snow.

Look at that smile! Good job Rachel! You gave it your best shot! Now you know (sort of) what it feels like to go snowboarding! Sure wish it felt like snow outside! It was about 85 degrees....Whew!

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jennifer said...

did you see the article in the fresno bee? it was on the front page of the local section - yesterday or the day before - can't remember. it was all about this skiing day at miramonte. how cool is that? and what a fun idea. skiing when it 85+ degrees outside...who would have thought?