Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have always had good friends in my life. I consider this to be a great blessing! I remember my first best friend when I was just five - Cherie. We were neighbors, and we spent all our time together. Then she moved away in third grade. There was all my "Madrigal friends" in High School. That was a fantastic time! There was Becky, Allyson, Thayne, Brent, Reid, Dave, life was shaped by these people! After High school, there was sororiety at the University of Utah when Natalie came into my life! We were inseparable! Laurie was there as well as tons of friends! After I got married and moved to California I met Candee...we were so close and shared many "mothering" experiences together. Now there are so many friends in our wonderful ward, I hardly know where to begin!
But all through my life there has always been Chari. We met in eighth grade Mr. Willams english class, and we developed a friendship that is eternal! The whole reason for this post today is because of Chari! I found her again! We have not had any contact for NINE years! Yikes! That is almost a lifetime. After much searching, we connected again, and I called her on Sunday. We talked for hours; we laughed and laughed as the years erased away! I felt like she was just around the corner again and we were heading off on another crazy adventure! Chari became a part of my family, and spent more time at my home than hers. How fun to reconnect with her and hear all about her life as a mother. I miss you Chari and can't wait to talk to you again! Let's get together and do lunch sometime! Love you!!!

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