Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sugar Pine Railroad

The day after school got out, we went to ride the Sugar Pine Rail Road Train. It is located in a beautiful wooded/mountainous area around Oakhurst.

Here is Daniel waiting for the train to start.

Cute Rachel eagerly waiting...

Cute kids looking at the beautiful scenery.

Here is the front of the train. It is pretty old and runs on steam.

Rachel and Daniel posing in front of the train.

Here we are at the half way point. We all got out and wandered around the woods while the train engineers got the train ready for the return trip.

In front of the Ticket Office.

After the train ride, we hopped back in the car and drove to Bass Lake. It was such a beautiful day! It was so fun to be together relaxing, knowing that the stress of the school year was now behind us!


Rachel and Daniel sitting on the pier coolin' off in the water.
What a great day and fun way to start off our summer!!!

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Mel's Family said...

I just love your family. I saw a little boy at home depot the other day that looked like Daniel did at age 3. (however, his dad looked nothing like Brian!) He was wearing goggles. So cute. It melted my heart. Both Rachel and Daniel are very dear to my heart.