Monday, November 2, 2009

Volleyball...our new favorite sport!

Volleyball season here in Clovis has just ended, and Rachel was on the Junior Varsity team at her school. We are so proud of her and how well she did! First of all, she didn't want to be involved in any sport. After encouraging her, she decided to try volleyball. She started the season not being able to serve the ball over at all, and ended the season's last game serving six over in a row! It has been amazing to see her progress in this sport and learn to love it!
Rachel and her best friend, Abby...cheering her on!
Coach Williams and Rachel at their last game. We love Coach Williams!!
Getting ready to serve the ball over. That was the hardest thing to learn for these girls. Usually the team who could serve over the best won the game.
Another game, another serve. I love to see her concentration!
Here is one of her mighty serves! This one actually made it over the net!

Waiting for an oncoming ball...she was pretty good at bumping over the balls!
Another attempt at serving. I think she has pretty good form! :)

Notice her look of concentration? It seems to always be with her lips pursed. I love it!

Coach Williams giving the team a pep talk! Go Mustangs!!! I am so proud of Rachel for giving volleyball a try, and for giving it her all! She was a great team player and really progressed throughout the season. We all wish the season lasted a bit longer! Good job Rachel!

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