Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here is our fun Halloween pictures! We had a great time, both Friday night and Saturday. Friday was our ward party, and Brian and I actually dressed up....first time in our entire 14 years of marriage! It was pretty fun...for Halloween. (I am not a huge fan of this holiday!) Here is Rachel...the good witch! She looked so great! Everyone loved her costume! Click on the picture and check out her purple eyelashes!
Here is Daniel, the ninja! His costume had two swords and two knives in a cool pack on his back. He had some pretty good ninja moves as well!

Here is Brian as Dracula! I think he looks great (or dracula is pretty ugly!) Brian did his own makeup and doesn't even look like him! I guess that's what makes a great costume!

Here I am...the black widow witch. (I made that up!) It was a fun costume, and actually looked better at the beginning of the night. (This was taken at the end of the party.)
And we can't leave out Daisy! She made the cutest witch of all! Too bad she hated having that hat on! We all think she looks adorable!
All in all, it was a great Halloween! Lots of candy, friends, trick-or-treating, and more candy! Hope you all had as much fun as we did!


jennifer said...

your costumes were great! and you're right, it was hard to recognize brian. i just showed his dracula picture to jeremy and he said, "that's brian?!" i even told him it was brian before he looked at the picutre and he still didn't recognize him! and i love how your necklace goes with your black widow spider costume - it almost looks like a web! good job guys. glad you had so much fun this year!

Rachel said...

Great job with the costumes! You all look great!

BTW, my blog is private but I'd love to send you an invite. Just email me at if you want to.