Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random Stuff!

Ok, so I haven't blogged for quite awhile, so I am posting a bunch of random stuff that has been going on for the past few months. Lots of pictures to follow....

This is a cute picture of Rachel and Daniel at our family cabin in Utah. This was taken during the summer when we were visiting there.
Here is Rachel on the first day of school. This is her sixth grade year, and she was so excited to begin her last year of elementary school!

All big and bad.....first day of school confidence!

Daniel on the first day of fourth grade! He was also excited to start this school year!
Rachel by the sign on the first day of school. It is our tradition in our family to take a picture in this same spot on the first and last days of school to see how much they have grown!
Daniel at the sign!
I love this picture of Rachel trying to dance with Daisy! Adorable!
Rachel at the grape harvest! Hot and dirty, but such a great service to participate in!

This is an apron I made at our Relief Society craft day. I was really proud of how it turned out...seeing that I am NOT a seamstress! I had some great friends who helped me every stitch of the way! (Literally!)

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