Monday, December 21, 2009

Rachel's Pierced Ears!

Rachel has wanted to get her ears pierced for awhile now, but was quite scared of the initial jolt. This held her back. But here we were, on vacation, in Utah, WITH AUNT MARILYN......she had to do it! The conditions were perfect! She knew that if she was with her mom and her crazy aunt, she could face anything!
Here she is, at Claire's before it all went down. She is looking quite confident.

It's getting closer....they are actually marking her ears. She is getting a bit more nervous.
Don't you love that face? She is quite nervous, but determined. Both ears were pierced at the same time.

Look at THAT face!!! I DID IT!!! What cute ears! She handled it like a pro! (Too bad mom almost fainted!) She loves her pierced ears and we were all proud of her for facing her fears! Good job Rachel! :)

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