Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Fun Fourth of July

We had a great day on the fourth of July! We drove up to Shaver Lake to spend the day with friends who were camping up there. They had all sorts of water "toys" and the weather was perfect!
Brian and Sue trying out the Kayak for the first time. That was really FUN!
Brian relaxing on the boat. It felt so good!
Rachel, Brian and Daniel being pulled by the boat! It was so fun to watch them bounce around the water!

Here's Daniel, Emma and Rachel being pulled behind the boat.

Brian and Daniel Kayaking

Rachel and Emma trying out the kayak. They were pretty good at maneuvering themselves around the lake.

Daniel up on the water trampoline. It was usually filled up with kids, but at this moment, he had it all to himself!

Rachel skimming gracefully through the water.
We are so grateful to have such great friends here! Thanks to all the Ward's for sharing their Fourth of July with us! We loved it!!!

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