Sunday, June 7, 2009

Daniel's Adoption Day!

June 1, 2002 is a day that we will always remember! That is the day that Daniel came into our home and our hearts! It has now been seven years since that crazy time, and I can't believe how fast the time has flown. Here is a quick recap of Daniel's adoption. On May 31, 2002 (Brian's birthday:)) we got the phone call about a little ten month old boy whose mother was possibly placing for adoption. Our social worker was asking if we were interested. Of course we said yes. Later that night, our worker called again telling us that the birth mother wanted to meet us the next day in Sacramento! Ok...we weren't expecting that!! Our worker called us one more time around 9 pm telling us that if the meeting went well, we would be bringing the baby home. Now our heads were spinning! We could do nothing but dust off the baby car seat and go to bed. Saturday, June 1 dawned bright and early as we headed out to Sacramento. We had the priviledge of meeting Jeniffer and her sweet baby De'Shawn. Our first impression of him was that he was the biggest baby we had EVER seen! He was adorable, and looked like a miniture sumo wrestler. We met with them for about an hour and then Jeniffer, with tears streaming down her face hugged him and then handed him over to me. She then hugged us both and left. It was one of the most emotional experiences I have ever had! My heart was breaking for her! It took some time for this to all sink in, but what fun! We decided to change his name to Daniel and keep De'Shawn for his middle name. Just to let you know of his size, Daniel weighed in at 30 pounds at ten months!!! He had the sweetest disposition, and adjusted to our home and family rather quickly!

Daniel, you have been a blessing to us from that day! You keep us laughing with your silly antics and you are always the first to comfort one of us if we are hurt or sad! You have a heart of gold and we love you with all our hearts! We will forever be grateful to your sweet birth mother for sharing you with us! We love you!!! Happy Adoption Day!!!

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Mel's Family said...

What a sweet story. I remember how BIG Daniel was! He is a sweetheart. I am so glad I got to be his Sunbeam teacher. You have such a loving family.