Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Wow! Has it really been 10 years ago that my baby girl was born? As most moms will say, I remember it like it was yesterday. Rachel came to us through adoption after many tears, prayers, hopes and dreams. Tears for many childless years, prayers for a child to bless our home, hopes to be a mother in this life and dreams of what she would look like. I always knew my first child would be a girl, and my heart ached to be a mother and hold my child. The day I held Rachel in my arms for the first time, my heartache to be a mother was healed. The joy that coarsed through my very soul is hard to put into words.

Rachel, you have brought laughter, joy, happiness, sunshine, tears, drama, singing, dancing, love and beauty to our lives. I thank God every day for you and the blessing and priviledge I have to be your mother. I hope these ten years for you have been just as happy and blessed. I will forever be grateful to your dear birth mother for giving us the most precious gift she could offer. I pray that one day I will have the great opportunity to meet her and hug her and thank her for sharing you with us. I am grateful for the gospel and for our temple sealing that binds you to us for eternity! I love you Rachel with all my heart, and hope your birthday is happy and filled with joy. You will forever be my baby girl!

Happy Birthday Rachel!!!!


Heathery said...

Oh sweetie! What a lovely doll you have become. I was going through pix the other day and found some of you and Lyssa with sunglasses and attitudes on. Have a great week!

Kristie said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! LOVE the pictures!!!

Mel's Family said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!I just can't believe you are 10 already. You were just a Sunbeam a few days ago! You will always have a special place in my heart! Love, Sister Sipes