Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cub Scouts Pack 33

Last night was my last night as Den Leader for Pack 33. When I got home, I was quite sad for it to be over. I have been the Den Leader since July of 2008, so not very long, but long enough for each of those dear boys to wiggle their way into my heart. We have had quite a few fun, memorable times together and I am so proud of each boy and the progress they make each day of their lives. Probably one of my favorite things we did was in October when we wrote a pack story. The story of the dark lord Konsokowa! It was so fun to see the creative side come out. I was so proud of the way the boys rallied around a family in need at Christmas, with each boy bringing a beautifully decorated present for this family. So here's my last shout out to Jacob C., Jacob E., Trevor, Grant, Ethon, Nicholas, Logan, Brandon, Cordell, Matthew, Garon and Mason! Keep up all the great work you are doing and you will go far in life! Love you all!


jennifer said...

that is a great picture of the boys. your enthusiasm was so contagious. thanks for all your service. we are all going to miss you too!

Kristin said...

Hey Sue!
So fun to see you kids so BIG!!! I think about you guys often and wonder how things are going for you out in Clovis......I heard Brian is the director at LDSFS, very cool!
Thanks for saying HELLO!!! I will link your blog to ours so we can stay up to date!
Mitch moved down the street from my bestest friend in Utah so I get fun Hirano family updates from her :)
Big hugs and tell Brian HELLO