Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Here it birthday! Where has the time flown? I feel so amazingly blessed in my life, so I thought I would list all the things I am thankful for, one for every year of my life. The only problem with that is that everyone will then know how YOUNG I am. Oh well! Here are the 41 things I am most grateful for:
1. Jesus Christ
2. My dear husband, Brian
3. Rachel, my darling, sweet daughter
4. Daniel, my handsome, funny son
5. Daisy, my dog
6. My wonderful parents
7. My four sisters
8. My five brothers
9. My dear parents-in-law
10. All my in-laws
11. My home
12. My friends
13. My good health
14. My testimony
15. The Book of Mormon
16. Our prophet
17. The sanctity of marriage that has been preserved
18. Good music
19. The opportunity to be a piano teacher
20. My husband's job
21. I am a homemaker!
22. I am a stay-at-home mom!
23. The hot summer temperatures are gone!
24. Autumn is favorite time of year!!!!
25. I was raised in the gospel
26. 35 pounds less than I was last year!
27. Sunsets
28. My marriage in the Salt Lake Temple 13 years ago.
29. Temples
30. My heritage
31. Exercise
32. The scriptures
33. Family love
34. Prayer
35. Hugs from my children
36. Good books
37. Education
38. Being married to my best friend...Brian!
39. Being sealed to my family forever!
40. Chocolate :)
41. My life of 41 wonderful years!!!!!


jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Sue! You can't be 41 - I totally thought you were in your 30's! You have some seriously good "forever young" genes.

Mel's Family said...

Happy Birthday look great! We miss you and your family. Give Rachel and Daniel hugs from us. Melinda and the girls

Mary said...

Happy Birthday!! Love your list. :)

Aaron's-R-us said...

Happy B-DAY!
Hey, we are going private on our blog and wanted to invite you, but need your email. Can you shoot an email to letting us know what it is so we can send the invite? Thanks,

Mary said...

I wanted to let you know that I'm making our blog private. If you'd like an invite to it, email me at Hope everything is going good for you guys!!

Beth Swann said...

Happy Birthday, Sue! I hope you had a great day!